Tuesday, October 23, 2007

burp cloth or diaper?

My hubby was having a hard time remembering which diapers we actually use on Ava's bottom and which ones are burp cloths, so I made a few of these during one of Ava's naps today.

Bad picture-- rain is on the way! I used some of the burp cloth diapers and some fabric scraps. I just cut the fabric to size and zigzagged it to the diaper, but if you're looking for more complete instructions, they can be found on this site.

And, here's Ava at six weeks!


Chara Michele said...

Aww look at her:) Very cute!

Keri said...

So cute - and so happy!!!

Kraftee Girl said...

I love the burp cloths! Very cute. Your blog is great. I love getting to peak into other people's lives and see what they are creating. Thank you for sharing!