Monday, September 3, 2007

Onesies for Baby Bird

Onesies for Baby Bird
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Since I'm still waiting for baby (my due date technically isn't until tomorrow), I decided to try my new book. Embroidery is really fun and addicting! These onesies were kind of tricky to work with because the fabric is so thin and stretchy. I used stabilizer, but I think I need something stronger. The thin fabric kind of limited my choice of stitches, too. There are a few more photos on my Flickr site.


Chara Michele said...

Such cute onesies! I love that book too. :)

Jennifreckles said...

Love the onesies!

dazed said...

Ahhh... so maybe this is how you found me? From my onesies online? I don't use any stabilizer. Just stretch the crap out of them in the hoop and when they wash they shrink right up again. I have found that I can do pretty much any stitches, but the satin stitch is the most difficult on this fabric.