Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Favorites Aug 07
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Still waiting for baby... I am keeping busy with lots of chores, naps, crafts, and reading. Here are a few things that I've found on Flickr recently that I like.


monique(moki) said...

anyday?! Lucky! ;) Good luck and don't feel defeated if you do give in...I finally realized the hardest part is the last bit (transition) Relatively short compared to the rest of labor in most cases. Good luck, and smile a lot!

Keri said...

You're more patient than I was. I practically FORCED my OBGYN to induce me the day BEFORE I was due. I just couldn't take it anymore. lol Good luck and hang in there!!!!

Chara Michele said...

Some very pretty inspiration!
(When is your due date? I knew you were pregnant, but didn't realize you were so close to giving birth for some reason... Silly me, not paying close attention as always! :)