Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Pants for Simon

In our box of boy hand-me-downs, we have tons of shirts but barely any pants.

I've been wanting to make Simon some pants to accommodate his big cloth-diapered heinie, and this morning I gave it a try.

I just used my favorite pants pattern and got some pointers from this tutorial.

I'm really happy with how they came out! I'll be making more of these soon!


venus Perez said...

VERY cute!!! I saw the tutorial and I'm most definitely going to make some! It'll be perfect for the cold weather. Thanks for sharing!!! :)

katie trott said...

so cute! and reversable too :) cute and practicle!

Alida@IMakeStuff said...

These turned out adorable! Somehow I missed the comment you left me until today, sorry about that!

Thank you so much for sharing!