Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jacket Refashion

A couple of years ago I coached for a team that I'm no longer working with, but we coaches had purchased these nice warm fleece jackets with the team's name on them. I've discovered that this jacket is one of the only ones I have that stretches around my growing belly, but I don't want to advertise for this team anymore.

So.... I used this tutorial to fix up my jacket with a pretty ranunculus. I can't wait to try more of these on other things. I think it's pretty cute!

Here is a before shot of the jacket. I followed the tutorial's instructions and just stitched right to the jacket.


petra said...

did you say 'growing belly'? :)
is it time for congratulations?

Venus said...

Cute! Great idea!

Sophia said...

very good idea! I have some fleeces that have our old business logo on them and have been thinking about trying to use a seam ripper to take them off...hubby says I am out of my mind and it will wreck the fleece so I haven't done

sidenote here,
would you believe I actually know some people in Ephrata?? they own a transport company down there and they come stay at our cottages in the summer time.....small world :)