Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Uh-oh Ava Diaper"

This morning I heard on the monitor: "Uh-oh Ava diaper, uh-oh Ava diaper" over and over. A few seconds later I heard "Jammies wash." Sure enough, when I went in to get Ava, her jammies were off, the diaper was on the floor, and she was in her crib playing happily and nakedly with her toys.


Rosie's Whimsy said...

I would say Ava has a great life :-)

tara - said...

totally awesome! i can't wait til lola gets to that stage ;)

:: also why i'm switching to covers with snaps!! ::

alex said...

adorable! when they're almost four and you hear noise upstairs when they are supposed to be napping, don't assume they are happily sneaking some playtime with their trucks or stuffed animals...They are actually climbing up the cloth organizer in their closet to make a "nest" where they can happily eat playdough.
(true story. 2 days ago. super fun.)

Cheilita said...

i like that link within feature. nice touch on the old bloggys.