Monday, September 22, 2008

Welcome, Fall

It's beginning to feel a little like fall here in Waldeck. We're starting to need an extra blanket on the bed at night, I've had to put on socks, and there is that fall smell you can catch a whiff of once in a while. The trees are still green and you can still pick a few things out of the garden, but I have seen a few leaves on the ground out back. Fall's right around the corner.

When I went to college in North Carolina, the highlight of field hockey season was the trip we made to PA the beginning of each October. I loved coming home right in the middle of fall. No one does fall like Central Pennsylvania, I think.

Some things I love about Fall::

*Fair season
*Pumpkins and mums
*Longer runs in the woods with Hank
*Coffee all day long
*Needing a sweater

And because I have no photos of what's happening so far this fall, here's one of me and my hubby taken two Octobers ago. See how others are celebrating fall at Polka Dot Cottage.


Quiet City said...

Happy Fall! I love needing an extra blanket at night, and even sleeping with socks.

erika~ the inspired mama said...

oooh, coffee all day is one of my favorite things too!! happy fall to you!


Lisa Clarke said...

I am daydreaming about taking that slower-paced trip to Lancaster that we talked about in my blog comments last week. And doing it smack dab in the middle of fall just sounds perfect!

Micha said...

No one does fall like Central PA - absolutely TRUE!
I hope I can come visit soon!