Sunday, August 17, 2008

The $1 Skirt

Since I got Sew What! Skirts last summer, I've made a few a-line skirts with zippers, and none of them fit me quite right. I've also tried a few a-line skirts with an elastic waist, but those were horrible, unflattering disasters. I've had this yard sale denim (purchased for $1) sitting around, and I decided to try one more time. Instead of using the measurement suggestions in the book, I just used a skirt I have to make a pattern. The result:A skirt that fits well, has little "bunching" at the waist, and is super-comfy. I have worn this lots already, and it will be perfect with tights this fall and winter.

In non-sewing news, Ava is almost one now, and started walking about a month ago. She is so curious, and last week she did a little experiment with Hank's food and water.

She managed to eat a few pieces and dump both the food and water bowls in the few seconds my back was turned. That's paint on her knee, but that's another story.


Sarah S said...

That skirt turned out great. I just picked up some 50% off denim and have been dreaming of making a skirt out of it. That pictures of Ava is darling! Isn't it amazing what they can manage to get into in a matter of seconds?

Gretchen said...

Love the skirt! Very flattering.

And the baby too!