Friday, June 6, 2008

Having a 9-Month-Old is Hard Work! (And we also had a snapping turtle in our yard)

Ava and I have been home alone together a lot lately, as Mr. Bird's second summer job is in full swing. This kiddo is so, so busy. All. The. Time. She is still only when she's sleeping. If something is within her reach, she explores it. Every day she finds something new that I have to put up, secure, hide, etc. We're having a lot of fun, though. She is learning some signs (her favorite and most frequently used is the sign for "milk") and even says a few words: buh (bye), mama, and muh (more). And on a completely unrelated note, look at the big, ugly creature that Hank found in our yard the other morning:

This huge snapping turtle was laying eggs in a muddy spot by our creek. I assume that's what she was doing, anyway.

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