Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Artist's Way

My brother introduced me to The Artist's Way several years ago. I bought the book and read it, but I've never actually done the program. I was reading Stephanie's blog a few days ago, and she mentioned that there was a new blog forming that would be exploring the book together. I joined, thinking that this was a good chance for me to commit to going through the book and doing most of the exercises.... as much as I can do with a 4-month-old who now refuses to nap.

They will be starting the program soon. Check it out: The Artist's Way Blog

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Karen Beth said...

You will get through it this time! I think the group of people doing it all together will make all the difference! Read ahead a little bit, before our start date... maybe a head-start would help some. I know it will for me!!! :)